Session Instructor Information

AT Brooklyn Tech Jan 28, 2023

*The Greater New York Councils’ Training Extravaganza (TrEx) is an adult training opportunity

Are you available to serve as an instructor for the 2023 TrEx? [Sat January28]
1) Please go to The 2023 Instructor Registration Form and complete as soon as possible, but no later than January 7th: https://nycscouting.org/teachtrex/

a. All sessions need a title, 2-3 sentence session description, length of course (by periods – 45 minutes each period), and if youth are welcome.

b. Returning sessions from years past can use the same title/description if appropriate. Please confirm your session description in last year’s Session Catalog! (attached)

c. Please provide your availability on the Session Confirmation Form – so that we do not schedule you when you are otherwise engaged. We will send you the final schedule as soon as possible. We will need to be able to assemble the schedule by January 10.

2) Any necessary certifications will be noted, managed and distributed – at a future activity.

PLEASE NOTE – A session will not be officially scheduled or added to session catalog without completing the necessary information on the Session Confirmation Form. We cannot publish partial information.