As a part of the BSA’s Short Term Camping Policy – all district and council events with an overnight component must meet NCAP standards – this includes a site visit from an NCAP certified Short Term Camp Administrator.

In their capacity, the short-term camp administrator will work closely with the planning committee of the short-term camp. In some cases, this person may also be the event director. Some of the shortterm camp administrator responsibilities include walking the short-term camp location to ensure that it is appropriate for the event; ensuring that paperwork is filed and any written BSA approvals are completed and obtained through the council. They confirm facilities and program are safe and in good order before starting operation; and that appropriate health, safety and sanitation provisions
are made. This individual also ensures that all activities at the short-term camp comply with the applicable BSA National Camp Standards and other BSA policies. They should be involved throughout the planning process of the short-term camp to act as a resource for the camp chair or coordinator. Each short-term camp must have a short-term camp administrator.




In order to meet these standards it is critical that all Council and District overnight events complete the intent to operate form, this will begin the process to; ensure the event is scheduled in a location and on a date that allows it to meet or exceed BSA program standards.

Completion of the intent to operate is an integral part of event planning. It should be noted that the Intent to Operate form is a request to hold the event, submission of this form does not automatically ensure approval to operate the event.

The National Camp Accreditation Program applies to short-term camps.

Short-term Camp Resources

District Operations Handbook

Activities Committee Guide

Outdoor Programs Committee Guide

Outdoor Programs and Property Manual

All Camp Types and Events COVID Decision Guide Template – A decision guideline for councils considering operating camps in a COVID environment.

Camp Director Resource Page

Camp Health Officer Training for Day Camps and Short Term Camps – link to the camp health officer training (SQ – 405)

Duty to God brochure

NCS Ceremonies and Campfire Guidance – Guidance for Camp Ceremonies and Campfire skits for camps.

Short-Term Camp NCAP FAQ (as of 12/1/2020)