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Enjoy your at home Scouting journey with our experienced Cub Scout Leaders.

The Virtual program allows Cub Scouts to enjoy an exciting and interactive program, in the comfort of their homes. Facilitated by our experienced Cub Scout leaders , your scout will participate in adventures that are fun and focus on character development, physical and mental health and good citizenship, personal achievement and many more.

Includes:  Sign up, 25 weeks of hands on Virtual program and your child’s Cub Scout Rank Box filled with program materials for the 25 weeks.

Material Boxes will be distributed in front of your child’s school. Exact date and time TBD.


Elisa Jean Leger 212-651-2830 elisa.jean-leger@scouting.org

Neisha Joseph 212-651-2801 neisha.joseph@scouting.org

Cub Scout meetings will begin at the end of November

Activities include: First Aid, Arts and crafts, STEM Projects and many more.

Scouts have the opportunity to participate in monthly outdoor events/trips.

[lifeline2_simple_info_output title=”Price” sub_title=”$20″ bg_image=”6384″ description=”for 25 weeks of virtual program”]
[lifeline2_simple_info_output title=”Meetings” sub_title=”3:30PM – 4:30PM” bg_image=”6383″ description=”Weekly Classes on Google Hangouts Start November 2020″]
[lifeline2_simple_info_output title=”Ages” sub_title=”For Ages 6-12″ bg_image=”6381″ description=”or Grades 1-5″]


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Our Lady of Refuge
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PS 443
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PS 94
Sheridan Academy
The Family School


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PS 97


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PS 770
Salve Regina
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