You can now earn Architecture Merit Badge with Experts at One World Observatory!


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Pre-Visit Notes:

  • Visit BSA site by clicking HERE for specifics on the Architecture Merit Badge Program that fulfills pre-requisite and in person requirements
    Complete requirements 1a and 4 before day of visit
  • Scout leaders will verify scouts completed pre-requisites before coming
  • Scout leaders will assist in signing of Blue Cards during presentation and activity
  • Arrive at One World Observatory on time; presentation & activity will start promptly

Day of the Scout Visit:

  • 7:40am – Arrive at One World Trade Center
    Gather outside at the corner of West Street and Vesey Street to meet your
    council representative
    Council representative will collect your Scoutmaster Blue Cards
  • 7:45am – Enter One World Observatory
    Follow the instructions given by operations staff to proceed through security
    Take time to enjoy the multimedia presentations before entering the SkyPod Elevators
    After exiting the elevators, enter See Forever Theater to watch a three-minute
  • 7:55am – Proceed to location of Merit Badge Presentation
  • 8:00am – Architecture Merit Badge Presentation
    Architecture Merit Badge counselors will give a presentation on:
    A brief history of architecture in New York City
    Career opportunities in architecture as well as the education, training, and experience
    required (requirement 5)
    One World Observatory as an architectural achievement that’s had a major impact on
    society (requirement 1b)
    Sustainable architecture and 3 characteristics of green buildings (requirement 2a)
    The difference between renewable building materials and recycled building materials,
    and how each can be used in construction (requirement 2b)
    How building materials can be reused when they no longer serve their original purpose
    (requirement 2d)
    The importance of a building to its surrounding environment and community with a
    focus on One World Trade Center to Lower Manhattan (requirement 2c)
  • 8:30am – Architecture Merit Badge Activity
    Scouts will be broken up into groups of 4-5
    Fulfill requirement 3C (see next page)
    Interview your merit badge counselor who will be your client if you were
    an architect
    You are tasked with building a Two World Trade Center
  • 9:00am – Scouts Design Presentation
  • 9:20am – END OF PRESENTATION and free to explore One World Observatory!
    Wrap up the tour – your council representative will return your blue cards to you and
    your merit badge counselor will review your activity, go over any additional details, and
    sign your blue cards
  • 9:30am – Free Time
    Architect Interview at One World Observatory
    Merit Badge Requirement 3C


Thank you for choosing One World Observatory as your venue to earn your Architecture Merit Badge. The goal of One World Observatory is to provide an inspiring experience that drives the passion of our guests and in your case future architects!

With that said, I’m glad to take you on as my architect to construct New York’s next amazing skyscraper. We have a very specific set of requirements necessary for our building that are given below. Please use the information that you learned today about One World Trade Center and New York’s other iconic skyscrapers to make this proposal.


  1. The building must meet the requirements of a LEED Platinum Certified building
  2. The building must use renewable materials to power the building with examples of renewable materials
  3. At least 3 features of green building need to be present
  4. The building must reflect the area in which it is located
  5. Since this building will be in downtown Manhattan you will need to use a variety of historical aspects of the area in its design
  6. A plan for how the building will positively impact its surroundings
  7. The design of the building must make it possible for the building to withstand a variety of weather situations
  8. Explain the steps taken to make it as safe as possible during these situations This includes superstorms (ex. Superstorm Sandy), flooding and high winds
  9. The building must meet the requirements of a LEED Platinum Certified building
  10. The goal of this project is to create a modern skyscraper that is meaningful to its surroundings
  11. and positively impacts the community. Please explain how all the requirements are related and how they will make the building as functional as possible.
    Thank you again for taking on this project and please use the view from One World Observatory to assist you in your design.

For booking inquiries or questions, email