Please note this years “Early Bird” Date is April 1st.


Camp Director’s Legacy Unit Recognition: Recognizing the faithful units of TMR

The legacy unit recognition program recognizes and rewards units for a tradition of camping
at Ten Mile River Scout Camps. Units will gain legacy recognition credit for their tenure starting with their attendance during the summer of 2019. Any unit that had a Hold-A-Place in for the 2020 summer qualifies for this rebate, as either the first or second year.

A unit must attend a TMR camp and have at least two leaders and four Scouts to qualify for
a legacy recognition credit. A unit may camp at any of the Ten Mile River Scout Camps to
gain a legacy recognition credit. The unit’s legacy recognition credit will reset to 0 if a unit does not attend a Ten Mile River Scout Camp and will begin at 1 when the unit returns to Ten Mile River.

The unit will be rewarded with a rebate of a percentage of the unit’s youth camp registration
fees which were paid in cash or by check or credit card by the families or the unit, at the end
of the summer. The amount of the rebate goes up at the third, fifth, seventh, and ninth years,
as shown in the chart below. Campership assistance payments are excluded when calculating the rebate. Rebates will be made to the unit in the form of a GNYC gift card made available in September. The card can be used for camp and unit charter fees and at the GNYC Scout shops.
Rebate Recognition Levels

So, for example, if a unit attends TMR in the summers of 2019, 2020 (Hold-A-Place was filed),
and 2021, they would receive a gift card for 3% of the fees paid for summer 2021 in September

• Year 1 – Qualifying • Year 2 – Qualifying • Year 3 – 3% rebate
• Year 4 – 3% rebate • Year 5 – 5% rebate • Year 6 – 5% rebate
• Year 7 – 7% rebate • Year 8 – 7% rebate • Year 9 – 10% rebate
• Year 10+ – 10% rebate