BK Cyclones Scout Night


Cyclones Scout Night:

Contact Bryan Wynne | BWynne@brooklyncyclones.com | 718-382-2679

Groups of 10 or less

any groups that would like to possibly come out to Cyclones Scout night on a family by family basis please use the link here to purchase orders of 10 tickets or less: à https://fevo.me/bcscoutsbsa22

Groups of 11+

Any organizations that would like to come out as a group of 11+, please feel free to make a bulk ticket order through me over the phone.  I’ll be able to waive any kind of fees you might find online.  Please see the attachments for more information.


If you’ve never been to a Cyclones scout night before, here’s how it goes:

1.Each Pack or Troop designates a group leader.  That group leader sends the attached flyer around and gets a head count of how many people within the Troop or Pack that would like to attend.  Remember the more the merrier, so don’t hesitate to invite siblings, friends, and extended family!  Be sure to collect $15 from each person that wants a ticket.

2.When you have a rough estimate of let’s say 40 tickets.  You would call me and put down a 25% deposit using a credit card.  This would mean you are locked into 10 tickets.  The other 30 will only be on hold.  You are not liable for those.

3.As we go throughout the month of April, the group leader continues to collect money from each person that wants a ticket.  As we approach late April you would get a final number.  Lets say you fall a little short of your estimate and you only need 30 tickets.  That’s no problem!  I’ll simply drop the 10 extra from your reservation and you will pay the remaining balance on the 30 tickets you need.  I will then mail or email those out to you or you can pick them up at ballpark to distribute.

On the day of the game:

1.Scouts and families will drive to the game and leave the camping gear in the car.  Come on into the stadium and enjoy the 7pm game.  We do not allow any outside food or beverage into the stadium throughout the duration of the game because we will concession stands open!  After the game we have fireworks and everyone runs the bases on the field!

2.Scouts and families will then leave the stadium and return to their cars to retrieve their camping gear.  Scouts and families will enter the stadium our field access gate adjacent to the parking lot by the right field bullpen.  We will check scouts and families in.  Please feel free to bring in some outside food or beverage for the sleepover portion in case you get hungry or thirsty over night.  Brownbag or soft cooler is fine we just ask no glass or alcohol.  Brooklyn Scouting district will lay down a few ground rules and then scouts and families will be able to setup tents in the outfield!  Please remember to leave your tent stakes at home.  We artificial turf so it’s like a rug.  You want be able to put stakes into the ground and if you do you will damage the turf!  We will try to play a movie on the scoreboard and scouts can run around in outfield and play games.

3.Lights out by 12 am midnight and usually everyone is awake by 8am to get home and enjoy the rest of the weekend in comfort of their own home.  We need to try to clear the field by 9am because we have an afternoon game the next day.

The event is finished.


Apr 29 2022


6:30 pm - 10:00 pm




Maimonides Park
1904 Surf Avenue, Brooklyn‎, ‎NY
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