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Help Provide Scouting Programs to NYC Families in Need

Nearly 70% of youth in the five boroughs of NYC required financial assistance to attend summer camp in 2019, and most of them have their first out-of-doors (non-urban) experience through our programs. Their adventures at camp and in Scouting are often attributed to keeping them in school, preparing for higher education, and meaningful careers.  For many of them, Scouting may very well be the only path that leads to higher education, ethical decision-making, and sound judgment in a hostile world, oftentimes with little financial and/or emotional support.

The Greater New York Councils is producing hundreds of Cub Scout “Rank Kits” so that our youth can enjoy a hands-on learning environment, where every other environment for them is digitized due to the pandemic. The Rank Kits are a packaged Cub Scout program. Thousands of Scouts in our Scoutreach and traditional programs need financial support to remain in our program. These Rank Kits are vital to retaining Scouts’ interest so that they will still be in our program after the pandemic ends, at which point they will continue to make lifelong memories while building character.

We are incredibly sympathetic that the significant global economic changes may have impacted your financial position to give at your previous or desired amount. We would like for you to please consider that many of our Scout families entered our current economic state with a financial need, and that need has for financial assistance, as well as enriching youth programming, may well have significantly increased.

We humbly ask you to help provide Rank Kits to the Scouts who need our program the most. Each Rank Kit will cost $45 to produce. Please consider making a donation of $200 or more to keep New York City Scouting strong.

With you're generous support we are now at 95% of our fundraising goal and have raised $66,000 for NYC Scouts!