DR. HARRY BRITENSTOOL was an individual who believed in the value of education. In1964 the DR. HARRY BRITENSTOOL SCHOLARSHIP was established by his sister MS. BLANCE B. OSTHEIMER in order to provide higher-education scholarships for deserving members of the Greater New York Councils who have demonstrated academic strength, strong Scouting involvement and financial need.

“I hope that the recipients of these scholarships will reimburse the trust when their own financial status will permit; it being my hope that such reimbursement will lead to the establishment of a revolving fund and will be of help and assistance in furthering the education of many youth and preserve the memory of my beloved brother DR. HARRY BRITENSTOOL.”


1. Currently, or previously registered for at least two (2) years with the GREATER NEW YORK COUNCILS, BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA, or employed for two summer’s as Camp Staff at Ten Mile River Scout Reservation or Cub World at Alpine Scout Camp or Cub Day Camp at Pouch Scout Camp or employed for two years by the GREATER NEW YORK COUNCILS (Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island only), BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA.
2. Have demonstrated overall merit and a need for financial assistance.
3. Be accepted by one or more accredited colleges or universities. You may first apply as a high school senior and may also apply subsequently while studying at the college level. (Undergraduate school enrollment will in general be given priority for all scholarship awards).
4. Submit a copy of your SAT scores.
5. Submit a copy of your most recent transcript.
6. Submit an essay of approximately 400 words on “What Scouting means to me.”
7. Submit an essay of approximately 200 words concerning your college and career goals.
8. At least two (2) letters of recommendation must also be submitted. (Ideally, one academic letter, one Scouting letter).


1. Complete this application form in full.
2. Be sure the application is returned no later than June 19th 2023. Applications received after that date
will not be considered.
3. Understand that receiving a grant in one year does not guarantee a grant in the following year. A student
is welcome to reapply each year.
4. The student must comply with all requirements concerning forms, letters, transcripts, and the essays.
5. Priority will be given to students pursuing at least twenty-four credit hours during the school year.
6. Scholarship Awards typically range from $250 to $1,500.
7. Please upload all materials together in one application package to www.nycscouting.org/britenstool