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Brooklyn Tech. Classroom Details:

  • School Guest Wifi internet access will be available
  • All classrooms are equipped with smartboards, think of a smart board as a functioning as a large computer screen display rather than having to use a projector.
  • The smartboards connect to computers via a standard HDMI cable
    • Classrooms are have computers that are equipped to present to the smartboard. We will be able to use those computers
      • These computers may not have USB drivesto ensure access to your presentation files please upload any presentations/ powerpoints/ visual aids that you would like to access during your course here UPLOAD PRESENTATIONS this will allow me to store them online and make available for presenters to access and share to the smartboard.
    • You may bring your own laptop to connect if it has an HDMI out (computers like macbooks with hdmi mini or usbc only outputs would require you to bring your own adaptor)