• Office Address: 475 Riverside Drive Room 600 New York, New York 10115
  • (212) 242-1100

Opening Information Session – Saturday 1/23 at 5:00-6:00pm

An introduction to Training Extravaganza week with important news alerts and updates from the council. Presented in a similar format to our September Steak-Out and Program Launch.

Saturday Courses starting at: 6:30

CUB12 6:30-7:15
All Things Webelos: Earning the Arrow of Light & Crossing Over to ScoutsBSA
Presented by: Kim Salvo

MGM07 7:30-8:15
Event Planning
Presented by: Alex Agostini

CUB02 8:30-9:15
Recruiting/Open House for Packs
Presented by: Kim Salvo

CUB04 6:30-8:15

Down ‘N’ Derbies

Presented by: Chris Dono

YOT03 6:30-8:15

Intro to Leadership Skills Troops

Presented by: Efrain Alvarado, Beatrix Bisceglia

PRG04 6:30-9:15

STEM Program Orientation

Presented by: Donnie Collins, Shawn Spencer

Sunday Courses Starting at 6:30

MGM03 6:30-7:15
Understanding Invisible Disabilities
Leah Scott

SCT01 7:30-9:15

Troop Talk

Kramer, Bracciante, Bob Bradley

CUB01 6:30-8:15

Cub Corner

Chris Dono, Fred Pagan, Paul Caminiti

TRG04 8:30-9:15
What is Wood Badge?
Tim Thom

PRG11 6:30-9:15

Outdoor Ethics Training

Shawn Spencer

Monday Courses Starting at 6:30

OPP02 6:30-7:15
Starting a Venture Crew
Greg Hofer

MGM08 7:30-8:15
The Scout Life Balance
Alex Agostini

OOP10 8:30-9:15
Backpacking at Philmont Scout Ranch
Daniel Kurzweil

CUB03 6:30-7:15
Cub Pack & Den Meeting Planning
Damion Sammarco

SCT03 7:30-8:15
Trail to Eagle
Sean Rowley, Tom Kramer

SCT14 8:30-9:15
Distinguished Conservation Service Award
Shawn Spencer, David Bisceglia

OPP01 6:30-7:15
Your Summer at TMR
Wayne Holmes

SCT16 7:30-8:15
ScoutsBSA-A daughter’s experience
David Bisceglia, Beatrix Bisceglia

TEK02 8:30-9:15
Sharing Scout Stories
Mike Lennon

Tuesday Courses Starting at 6:30

CUB07 6:30-7:15
Calendar Planning for Packs
Paul Caminiti

SCT07 7:30-8:15
How to be a Merit Badge Counselor
Sean Rowley, Tom Kramer

PRG05 8:30-9:15
STEM Experiments (KITS)
Donnie Collins

SCT12 6:30-7:15
SM Conference & Bd or Reviews
Anthony Bracciante

MGM02 7:30-8:15
Special Needs Paperwork
Donna Manetta, Marie Casalaspro

MGM12 8:30-9:15
How of HOWs
John Paterakis

MGM09 6:30-7:15
BePrepared for Medical Emergencies
Anthony Byrnes-Alvarado

CUB14 7:30-9:15

Cub Scout Events During COVID-19

Kirsten Clementi

MGM10 6:30-7:15
Creative Collaboration for Scouts
Mike Lennon, Josh Cohen, Brian Wersebe

YOT04 7:30-9:15

Running a PLC

Mike McCarthy

Wednesday Courses Starting at 6:30

TRG03 6:30-7:15
The Benefits of NYLT: a rundown
Beatrix Bisceglia, John Anderson

TEK05 7:30-8:15
Scoutbook for Dummies
Alfha Tucker, Anthony Tucker

SCT13 8:30-9:15
Religious Awards
Sokratis Galitsis, John Harling

TEK08 6:30-7:15
Attention Grabbing Zoom meetings
Renee Pecot-Xenekis

CUB05 7:15-8:30
Projects + Crafts Ideas
Paul Caminiti

TEK09 8:30-9:15
Google Classrooms+Add’l Tools
Mike Lennon

OOP07 6:30-7:15
Hiking at TMR
David Malatzky

OOP08 7:30-8:15
Backpacking at TMR
Sean Johnson, David Malatzky

OOP09 8:30-9:15
TMR Hiking Backpacking Trek Q&A session
David Malatzky, Sean Johnson, Terrence McKiernan

Thursday Courses Starting at 6:30

TEK07 6:30-7:15
Black Pug – camp registration
Sarah Landsaw

OOP05 7:30-8:15
High Adventure
Aaron Cooper, Chris McCarthy

SCT05 8:30-9:15
Planning ECOHs
Tim Thom

MGM01 6:30-8:15

Special Needs Accommodations

Maureen Ellis-Davis

MGM11 8:30-9:15
Peer-to-Peer Recruiting Discussion
Mike Lennon, Joe Schlitz

TRG05 6:30-7:15
Calling all Critters!
Tim Thom, Anthony Bracciante

MGM13  7:30-9:15

Counteracting Unconscious Bias

Antonio Del Rosario