• Office Address: 475 Riverside Drive Room 600 New York, New York 10115
  • (212) 242-1100

Ten Mile River has served thousands of Scouts over the past 90 years. We’re committed to providing the same, high-quality Scouting experience that we always have – but we need high-quality supplies and amenities to make that happen. While our forests can sustain themselves, the tents, kayaks, life jackets, and other equipment that our Scouts need to enjoy their time outdoors are wearing out and need to be replaced.

We need your help to support and refurbish Ten Mile River’s Scout Reservation and make sure it’s always accessible to every kid who wants to go to camp – regardless of their family’s ability to pay.

Later in life, the young people who graduate from our programs will appreciate the many skills they learned, but what matters most to our kids right now is that Scouting is a way to make new friends and lifelong memories. Ten Mile River Scout Reservation offers kids valuable opportunities to experience life outdoors, far away from the city. Every day brings an exciting new challenge, like learning to get along with others, mastering archery, tying a complicated knot, and experiencing a world beyond one’s neighborhood.