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1- Plan your 2019-2020 Scouting year. We want to help make sure you have an opportunity to take part in as many outings as possible. Download the PDF Calendar here: http://bit.ly/gnyc19cal we'll be discussing more about Scouting in 2019 and 2020 at the Steak Out on Sept. 7th: http://bit.ly/steakout19

2- GNYC not only saw amazing summer camp programs at Pouch, Alpine, and Ten Mile River, there were also day camps in each borough. Special Programs this summer included the World Championship Pinewood Derby – http://bit.ly/2zwsidC Cub World's 25th Anniversary- http://bit.ly/2L3CvVo and the TMR Alumni Reunion- http://bit.ly/2Zw9SnN

3- The beautiful TMR Red Dot Trail has been rehabilitated and is ready for your unit to hike and camp through out the year. Or to register for the Ten Mile River High Adventure Trek: http://bit.ly/tmrtrek you can assist with the Trail maintenance with the purchase of a TMR Trail Sign: http://bit.ly/2LjLh0n

4- The Camp Masters popcorn sale is a fantastic way to fundraise for your Scouting unit. Find everything you need to participate in this years effort here: http://bit.ly/gnycpop

5- Participate in this years GNYC and National BSA's efforts to aid in recruiting new Scouts for your units. Complete this form and digital ads will be created to promote your Open House/ Join Night: http://bit.ly/scoutmein