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Some people want to commit a major gift but cannot complete the gift all at once. A multi-year pledge for Scouting is an effective way to do this. In fact, many donors also include language in their wills that would fulfill any pledge amounts unpaid during the donor’s life.

The pledge is a simple, written agreement between you and your local council that commits you to an amount to be paid by a date that you choose and may even specify how your gift is to be used . It is not a substitute for a will. In fact, whether the pledge is binding upon you or your heirs is an issue of state law. Please check with your advisors as to the legal effect of a pledge in your state. It is a supplement to your will, and the estate note should be referenced in your will for clarity of your intentions.

Pledges are commonly used to make a multi-year gift commitment for council endowment, a new camp program facility or camp building, or in support of a specific Scouting program. It is best to record your estate note gift in your will or estate plan, and to alert your executor or personal representative. We encourage you to keep your pledge with your other estate plan documents and to attach a copy to your will.

For more information about guaranteeing pledges, please contact Steven Benini at the Greater New York Councils, Boy Scouts of America at (212) 651-2815 or via e-mail at steven.benini@scouting.org