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The purpose of this area is to prepare young people to make food choices that promote healthy eating, cultural diversity and sustainability; To create a world in which every young person prioritizes food choices that lead towards a healthy lifestyle in their community and a sustainable planet. We are looking to fund and create a Scout friendly outdoor cooking area for instruction, education and lifelong learning. This outdoor cooking area will be part of the Reeves Training Center at Alpine Scout Camp.


The outdoor cooking area will enable a variety of instruction in traditional and innovative camp cooking methods. The overall goal is to bring gourmet cooking outdoors with the slogan that “cultural cooking brings cultural awareness.” The area will also be used for training and educational purposes.


Objective: To construct an outdoor cooking area in Alpine Scout Camp located at Reeves Training Center


Challenge: A dedicated Manhattan Scouter will match all gifts one-to-one up to a total of $25,000 matched


Questions, contact: (212) 651-2815 or Steven.Benini@Scouting.org