2023 National Jamboree – Greater NY Councils Patch Design Contest

One of the traditions of the National Scout Jamboree is that each contingent has custom-made Jamboree Shoulder Patches (JSPs) in lieu of the regular Council Shoulder Patch (CSP).  This year as in the past, we’re asking those going to the National Jamboree to help design the patch.

We have three troops attending so, if we follow tradition, we’ll use 5 designs (1 for each troop, 1 for staffers, and 1 fun one for trading) as well as a center or jacket patch.  A special prize will be given to the successful designer(s)!

You can see some past and current designs in the next few pages. When you’re ready to submit your design go to the https://nycscouting.org/bsajamboree2023/ and find the ‘Patch Designs’ button to upload.

The Rules:

A few (OK – more than a few) rules:

  • All JSP’s must be the same shape and size as the standard council shoulder patch (see your uniform) which is 5”wide x 2” high.
  • All patches (the JSPs and any center/jacket patch) must include both “Greater New York Councils” and “2023 National Scout Jamboree” on the patch design
  • All patches must also include a fleur de lis (the BSA’s trademarked logo) in the patch design.
  • The typical patch uses 10 colors per patch in production. Please make sure that you consider this in your design (photographs generally do not make for good patch designs).
  • The final decision will be made by GNYC’s National Jamboree Committee. Any design submitted may be altered to comply with production and branding requirements. All submissions will become the property of GNYC, Inc. without any future rights being reserved by the submitter.
  • This is a biggie: Using any person’s or group’s name, likeness, or image as well as any trademarked or copywritten logo, likeness, image or art is not permitted without the express written permission of the person/group/owner of the logo. It is the submitter’s responsibility to obtain written permission from the appropriate person/group before submitting a design that includes any protected image.  Any submission including protected imagery that is not accompanied by authorization of the owner to use the image(s) on the patch(es) will not be considered.
  • All submissions must be submitted to through this website by January 15, 2023. A parent/guardian signature is required for submissions by youth under the age of 18.

Sample Patches:

Use This Patch Template:

Download printable PDF below to draw ideas into and upload, or work digitally.