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What is a Heritage Society and how will it benefit Scouting?

By joining one of the Greater New York Councils’ Heritage Societies, your contribution and participation, along with other supporters who have like interest in furthering Scouting, establishes the fund. The Heritage Societies, as one of the Greater New York Councils’ named funds, will be held in the permanently restricted Endowment Fund. These assets will annually generate income to fund the Councils’ work providing Scouting to New York City youth in perpetuity.

Presently there are several dozen named funds of which several are Scouting Heritage Societies. Some of the projects include summer camp scholarship assistance to youth members, upkeep of camp properties and direct support of a particular Borough Council’s work to serve youth in one of the five boroughs of New York City, while others focus on positively increasing outreach to our most at-risk youth.

Heritage Societies will conduct meetings and gatherings throughout the year for the express purpose of helping to build their Heritage Society’s membership and promote a greater awareness of the Council’s Endowment Fund and its importance to fund Scouting’s future.  In perpetuity, donors may make cumulative gifts to reach Silver, Gold, Heritage, and Diamond levels.

Bronze Member Level ($1,000):
Certificate and Bronze pin

Heritage Society Member Level ($2,500):

Silver Member Level ($5,000):
Certificate and Silver pin

Gold Member Level ($10,000):
Certificate and Gold pin

Diamond Member Level ($15,000):
Certificate and Diamond pin

Join your Borough Heritage Society by contacting:
Steven Benini: Steven.Benini@scouting.org or 212-651-2815

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