As you know, Scouting is a vital organization that continues to shape the lives of countless young people throughout our city. Local councils foster a vibrant community for our members and organize activities that create opportunities for Scouts to practice leadership, personal growth, and service to others. Scouting has empowered generations of young individuals to become responsible and engaged citizens; the present generation of young people deserve the best that Scouting has to offer.

The work of Greater New York Councils, BSA cannot be done alone. As a non-profit organization, scouting relies on support from donors like you to continue offering life-changing experiences to young people.  By making a donation, you are helping to ensure that Scouting programs remain accessible to all young people, regardless of their financial situation. Please consider making a donation to “Friends of Scouting” today. Your contribution will help provide a safe and inclusive environment for NYC’s young people to learn and grow, where they can develop skills they’ll need to succeed in life.

Each giving level has a unique recognition:
• $25 – Tenderfoot
• $50 – Second Class – receives Borough Council Strip Patch
• $100 – First Class – receives Borough and GNYC Council Strip Patch
• $250 – Star – receives Borough and GNYC Council Strip Patch and a GNYC Mug
• $500 – Life – receives GNYC Shadow box with all GNYC Council Strip Patches
• $1000 – Eagle – receives a Scouting tie or scarf