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Endow Now Program – A substantial gift for a modest investment

Many benefactors who provide consistent, generous gifts to Scouting would like to create an endowment fund to support a council position, a camp property, campership or scholarship program for youth, or other projects for their local council. They may want to see their endowment at work during their lifetime, but, for various reasons, they may not be able to fund this endowment all at once.

Scouting’s Endow Now Program gives you an option: a larger endowment than you might have thought possible, at a much lower cost. Your gifts to this program are invested until your fund reaches the endowment dollar goal you request. At that time, your endowment will begin to generate income for the council or programs you select. The program is designed so that the endowment you create may even start to benefit Scouting during your lifetime.

For example, you could create a lifetime endowment with a five-year pledge of $2,400 per year. The gift would be invested until it grows into the $50,000 principal that you selected. Based on past investment performance and actuarial tables, the endowment would likely reach your goal during your lifetime. Either the income or principal could then be distributed to the council and you would see the endowment that bears your name go to work for Scouting.

For more information about the Endow Now program, please contact Steven Benini at the Greater New York Councils, Boy Scouts of America at (212) 651-2815 or via e-mail at steven.benini@scouting.org