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The Greater New York Councils Activities Committee has spent close to a year planning the 2018 Big Apple Jambo, scheduled for the weekend of Oct 5th – 8th.  An amazing group of talented and dedicated volunteers have made commitments to this event and have been hard at work preparing for months.


The goal is to hold a marquee event that reflects the diversity and greatness of our city and Council and continues to uphold the standard that the GNYC Activities Committee has set for itself since 2012 (World Championship Pinewood Derby in Times Square, Steak-Out, Raft-O-Ree, National Jamboree Contingents, GNYC Philmont Expeditions, Scout Week Window Display and the 2013 Big Apple Jambo).  The main priority is for our events to have a positive impact on our youth members and be something that they will remember fondly for years to come.


Our Committee has spent the last few weeks closely examining where we stand with respect to holding the 2018 Big Apple Jambo and accessing its concerns.  We have concluded that we must postpone the event until a date that will be determined later.


This was not an easy decision, especially considering the number of Scouters that planned on attending.  However, the primary goal is (and always will be) running a successful event with a high-quality program that our entire Scouting Family can be proud of.


Our Big Apple Jambo Committee will continue to prepare for this event to be held at a later date, down the road.  Until then, we thank you for your patience and understanding and for all that you do for Scouting!


A special word of thanks goes out to Ethan Draddy, Scout Executive and CEO, Bob Madsen, GNYC CFO, Tom Pendleton and Wayne Holmes from the GNYC Camping Dept., and our staff advisor, Dave Swartz.  On behalf of the GNYC Activities Committee, I would also like to thank the Big Apple Jambo Committee Branch Chiefs and the Assistants.  Without their support and assistance, quality events would not happen.