• Office Address: 475 Riverside Drive Room 600 New York, New York 10115
  • (212) 242-1100

After many months of hard work, the New National Jewish Committee Website has been launched at http://www.jewishscouting.org/.

There’s a “store” on the site, and among the things you can purchase is the new 2018 Scout Shabbat patch.

Current NYC Jewish Units:

Pack & Troop 611

  • Beth-El Jewish Center of Flatbush
  • 1981 Homecrest Ave, Brooklyn NY 11229
  • (718) 375-0120
  • Cubmaster – Elliot Poland, epoland3@aol.com
  • Scoutmaster – Neil Poland, nhpoland@aol.com


Jewish Scouting Emblems and Awards- Read More

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The National Jewish Committee on Scouting: www.jewishscouting.org

Have Questions?  Contact our Jewish Committee on Scouting Committee Chairs Charlie Kaplan at ckaplan@sillscummis.com and Amy Shapiro Amy_S_Shapiro@uhc.com


Directory of NJCOS contacts:

Shomer Shabbat NYLT for 2019 —

BSA’s National Youth Leadership Training:

Friends of Shomer Shabbat Scouting’ is pleased to announce an opportunity for Jewish Scouts to participate in this premiere Scout training experience.

Scouts who observe Shabbat, Kashrut, and make time for Tefila, can participate in this exciting, action-packed program designed for youth to learn and practice the leadership skills that will help them succeed in Scouting and in life!

·Be a member of a kosher patrol in this Conference with a number of other Scouts following the National Training Syllabus for Junior Leaders.

·There is a maximum of 64 participants in this NYLT conference, and they ALWAYS max out. Sign up now to reserve your place. We will have only one, maybe two, patrols — that’s only 8–16 kosher-observant participants.

·‘Friends of Shomer Shabbat Scouting’ has facilitated this opportunity with the gracious support of the National Capital Area Council. This program will be held June 23–28, 2019 (Sun to Fri) at the American Legion So. MD District Youth Camp, 9201 Surratts Rd, Cheltenham, MD 20623

§We already anticipate Scouts coming from as far away as Texas and Massachusetts, as well as Maryland, so don’t let distance be a barrier!

  • For the Shabbat before and after this program, Shabbat Home Hospitality will be available in the Silver Spring, MD area.

Participants must:

1.   Be 14 years old by June 23, 2019 (or have completed 8th grade).
Note:  Limited space is reserved for 13-year-old participants. All 13-year-old participants must contact Mr. Michael Geller in advance. (See contact info, below.)

2.   Be a 1st Class Scout by June 1, 2019 if registered in a Troop.

3.   By June 1, 2019, have experience serving in a youth leadership position.

4.   Complete their home Unit’s Introduction to Leadership Skills course.
     Note: This should be offered through a Scout’s home unit. Ask your Unit Leader how you can participate in this course, or contact Mr. Michael Geller (see below).

5.   Have at least a week of summer Scout Camp experience and be comfortable camping and cooking outdoors.

6.   Have recommendation of both the Scoutmaster/Crew Advisor and the Troop/Crew Committee.

7.   Have a current BSA Health Form (Parts A, B, and C).

8.   Commit to attending the entire six-day course.

9.   Agree to the ‘Code of Conduct for Participants in a Kosher NYLT Patrol’.
(This ‘Code of Conduct’ is on the website where you register, listed below.)

Note:  For 2019, we are not able to offer a ‘Kosher NYLT Patrol’ to female participants. We anticipate doing so in the future, with an increasing number of qualified female candidates available to fill a patrol for such a program.


NYLT is not like summer camp and is not designed for rank advancement or earning merit badges.  NYLT is an intense and challenging hands-on leadership training program.  It is essential that NYLT participants be physically, emotionally, and mentally prepared to handle the demands of this advanced training. In order to get the most benefit from this unique experience, participants must exhibit emotional maturity, a positive attitude, proficiency in basic camping and outdoor cooking, and have an ambition to serve in leadership roles.

Behavior at NYLT:  All participants agree to conduct themselves in accordance with the Scout Oath and Law. Participants in a ‘Kosher NYLT Patrol’ agree to the ‘Code of Conduct’ statement as they register on-line.

Cost of the Program:

·Early Bird cost to participate in the Kosher Patrol(s) in this six-day Course is $275 until May 5, 2019, then the cost is $335.


  • Cancel within 3 days of registration and the entire amount is returned.
  • After 3 days from registration but not within 14 of the event the customer is charged 15% of the registration cost being cancelled.
  • Once within 14 days of the event the customer is charged 100% of the registration cost being cancelled.

How to sign up:

  1.    Register at:  https://ShomerShabbatScouting.org/NYLT2019
  2.    Make checks payable to “Friends of Shomer Shabbat Scouting.”
  3.    Mail your payment to:
            Friends of Shomer Shabbat Scouting
    P.O. Box 4032
    Silver Spring, MD 20914

With any questions, contact:
Mr. Michael Geller at  MLGeller[AT]mac.com  or  214 802-9332.

Dr. Howard A. Spielman
Scoutmaster, Troop 54  &  Advisor, Venture Crew 54
Spirit of Adventure Council,
Chartered to the Maimonides School, Brookline, MA and
Contingent Coordinator,
The Shomer Shabbat Contingent to the National Scout Jamboree
’89, ’93, ’97, ’01, ’05, ’10, ’13, ’17
Phone: 781 439-5250 (Day and Evening)


Scouts are cordially invited to march as the lead off color guard in the Celebrate Israel Parade on Sunday, June 2, 2019. Starting at Fifth Avenue and 57th Street, over 5 hours of marchers will be led by the Scouts. At the end of the parade, the Scout contingent will disperse around 74th Street.

To Participate contact- schatz110@comcast.net . Individual Scouts are welcome – You do not need to come with your troop to march.

Please note:

  • You should arrive by 10:30 AM on a side street off 5th Avenue around 55th and 56th Streets (look for the large group of Scouts). I hope to post the exact location closer to the parade date.
  • The parade is scheduled to step off at 11:00 AM
  • All marchers (Scouts and adults) MUST be in Scout uniform
  • While your Scouts can march with a unit flag, we request that you not march with a unit banner
  • The parade has asked us to minimize the number of adults that march with youth
  • Non-Scouts will NOT be allowed to march as part of the Scout contingent
  • Some additional US flags will be available
  • NO BACKPACKS may be carried in the parade. Small fanny packs can be worn. Carry a snack in your pocket. Small water bottles can be carried or held on a lanyard type holder that fits on top of the bottle.
  • NO STROLLERS for the obvious reasons. Toddlers/young children must view the Parade as spectators.
  • IMPORTANT: By participating in the parade, you give implicit permission for pictures of your Scouts to appear in various media as well as online in web sites
  • As we say in New York, if you see something, say something!
  • Note that due to increased security, the NYPD has assured us that they will be strictly enforcing all rules this year.


Mike Schatzberg
Scoutmaster, Boy’s Troop 118
West Orange, NJ
Parade coordinator for Scouts
The Celebrate Israel Parade is a project of the Jewish Community Relations Council of New York